Before Cow

Thousands of years ago, no one milked cows.

So when your ancestors needed fuel to do their thing, what did they milk? The family goat.

They were on to something. Goat’s milk naturally contains A2 proteins, and has vitamin A which is great for skin health and immunity. It can also be an alternative for people who are sensitive to cow’s milk.

So now 9000 years later, we can enjoy a delicious milk with all those benefits – Before Cow Goat’s Milk.

Best enjoyed wherever you’d normally use milk: cereal, coffee, baking, luxurious milk baths.

Before Cow is produced by Oete and Oakdale Goat Farms, owned by Matt and Sarah Bolton and managed by a group of dedicated individuals that strive to provide a happy healthy environment for all the animals, and the highest standard of quality for food production in the country.