Little Angels is an organic baby food range, lovingly created by Heather Baker, with only the very best ingredients for tiny tummies. Available for babies aged four months and over, Little Angels' frozen baby food pouches are for parents looking to wean their children on to meat, fruit and vegetables without compromising on nutrition and taste.

Using recipes that began life in Baker's kitchen at home, each recipe is sourced from the best ingredients that New Zealand has to offer to provide new tastes and textures while packed full of vital nutrients and minerals essential in the healthy development of Kiwi babies. All ingredients are completely natural without any additives or thickeners and are made using free range meats and organic ingredients wherever possible. There is no added sugar, salt or preservatives in any of their products. Little Angels are the only brand in New Zealand that use cold pressed oils and natural fats to ensure that babies have the very important brain fats necessary for healthy growth.

The full range includes:

- Mediterranean Chicken

- Steamed fish of the Day

- Chicken Casserole

- Lamb, Squash and Spinach

- Loaded vege mash

- Beef Hotpot

- Pumpkin, Spinach and Broccoli

- Superfood Breakfast

- Prune, Kiwi and Pear

- Pear, Blueberry and Almonds