Powerade just launched its new Superior Bottle, which has taken a specialist team of product engineers, sports scientists and designers four years in the making.
Made from a sustainable PET plastic that is 27 percent lighter than the former packaging, this innovative bottle provides faster hydration thanks to its more squeezable design and high-flow sipper nozzle. And to improve usability even further, the foil seal has been removed.

Powerade ambassadors Steven Adams (Oklahoma City Thunder NBA player) and Kane Williamson (Blackcaps captain) said the new bottle helps get the electrolytes down quickly.
“As professional athletes, [both Kane and Steven] have provided valuable insights into how they refuel pre, during and post training, which has directly impacted on how we’ve designed the new bottle,” said Jodie Timmins, brand manager, Powerade.

Available in 750ml and new convenient 400ml bottles, the innovation has already received three Australian Packaging Design Awards (Gold Innovation Award, Gold Sustainability Award and overall best in show), and has been recognised by the World Packaging Organisation with a World Star Award.