For over 150 years, generations of Kiwi's have enjoyed their favourite Harraways oats for breakfast with its distinctive yellow packaging.  The new packaging has a charming, nostalgic feel, with a new logo that features the oat mill in Dunedin.

“One of the most important touch points for a brand is its packaging. It is the key ‘conversion point’ that consumers truly ‘buy into’ a brand as such Harraways needs its packaging and overall shelf presence to work as hard as possible to project the brand’s unique benefits to the shopper. Previous to the rebrand, the packs were not telling the Harraways story in the best way they could and this aspect needed to work much harder in terms of grabbing the shopper’s attention. It certainly needed addressing,” said Peter Cox, head of Harraways marketing and product development.

Sustainability was also a massive part of the Harraways rebrand. The Quick Serve Sachets now come in a more resourceful box with 20 percent less cardboard. Made from sustainable wood pulp, the box is also 100 percent recyclable. The new 45g Quick Serve Sachets contain 20 percent more oats per serve, and the sachets are made using home compostable material.

Harraways worked closely on the rebrand with FMCG Brand and Packaging specialists, Marx Design to create the new packaging. “We identified that yellow was the critical link to brand familiarity. While customers identify there is a new look, yellow is the visual link to the same great product delivering great taste they’ve come to enjoy.  Harraways has an incredible local history with a pioneering, bold spirit.  Capturing this brand personality was critical to a successful brand refresh”, said Ryan Marx, Creative Director, Marx Design.