Bringing Bold, Street Food Flavour To Supermarket Shelves


Available from today for a limited time, Doritos has taken inspiration from the streets to create two new bold street food flavours, including Fire and Fury Pizza and The Kingpin Burger. The flavours are now available in the iconic Doritos chip form.

The new range combines iconic and beloved street food flavours with bold, bespoke street art designs, celebrating the power of street art and bold self-expression to encourage Kiwis to express themselves without fear of judgement. To bring the collection to life, Doritos teamed up with Auckland-based street artist, Gasp, to create street art designs, utilising the product packaging as his canvas and the flavours as his inspiration.

"Growing up in central Auckland, I was introduced to graffiti art culture and quickly became obsessed with it," said Liam Hindley, the artist also known as Gasp.

"I learnt to push through the fear of judgment of others which naturally comes with creating artwork in a public space because when you fail, everyone sees it."

Over the years, Gasp has found his place and created a reputation within the street art community in New Zealand and abroad.

He continued that the creativity and inspiration that art brings to his life create true meanings, and he continues to feel very passionate about it.

"It's a cool thing to be able to share with other people, and I hope my art and the path I took to get to where I am today inspire others to believe in themselves and chase their creative dreams."

Catherine McLaren, Doritos' senior brand manager, said that the brand was very excited to use its packs as a canvas to celebrate self-expression and launch one of its boldest ranges yet.

The Doritos Street Art Collection is available nationwide from selected supermarkets, petrol and convenience stores. Doritos Fire and Fury Pizza and The Kingpin Burger are available in 150g sharing bags for $3.80 RRP.