Butter Makes Everything Better!

Butter makes everything better – especially venison!

New Zealand premium meat producer, First Light, has long held a reputation for incredible flavour, excellent texture and exemplary farming practices. Doing things the right way and collaborating with companies that care is in their DNA.

So when it came to finding a perfect pairing for their deliciously tender venison medallion, they went straight to the top.

First Light’s new venison medallion with Lewis Road Creamery Garlic and Parsley Butter is a magnificent amalgamation of two of the very best – farm-raised New Zealand venison and smooth, velvety, garlicky butter.

Each 130g portion of tender, quick-to-cook venison comes with a serving of award-winning Lewis Road butter to really take home cooking to the next level. Simply sear the meat in a hot pan, baste, rest, then drizzle with the butter for added wow.

“For some, cooking venison for the first time is a bit confronting,” said First Light CEO Jason Ross. “It’s a shame, because New Zealand is the home of farm-raised venison, and we are making sure the optimal cuts are available to Kiwis to cook at home. We know the best way to overcome that initial concern is by providing a fail-safe cooking experience. The combination of farm-raised venison and creamy, herb-infused butter guarantees a great experience, and hopefully introduces an interesting addition to people’s weekly menu.”

The first New Zealand meat company to hold Certified Humane™ accreditation, First Light takes only high calibre venison from its team of committed farmer-shareholders around the country. A lean cut, venison packs a nutritional punch for family meals, date night or dinner parties. “When compared to the other proteins in the supermarket chiller, venison is a super healthy option,” continues Jason. “Venison is full of many of the micronutrients we are deficient in. For example, just one of our venison medallions contains more than 2.5 times the amount of iron of an equivalent piece of pork or almost 7 times the iron of the same sized chicken breast.”

Venison is also richer in protein than other meats, and contains good amounts of zinc - for immunity - and B vitamins, a source of energy. And because First Light venison is farmed, it doesn’t have the strong, gamey taste often associated with wild venison.

“Our garlic and parsley butter has been a huge success for us,” said Lynette Mann, Marketing Director for Lewis Road Creamery.

“It delivers a big flavour pop that just takes home cooking up a notch.

“We love how this idea makes prepping such beautiful venison so simple and quick for our home cooks.”

First Light venison medallion with Lewis Road Creamery Butter is available at selected supermarkets.