Cadbury has today launched its new Cadbury Favourites – Kiwi Edition to give chocolate lovers an assortment of iconic chocolates in the one perfect gifting product.

In the limited-edition release, Cadbury Favourites – Kiwi Edition offers a selection of past and present classics including Caramilk, Peppy Chew, Buzz Bar, Caramel Chew, Chocolate Fish and Perky Nana. These popular bite-sized treats are made for sharing and are the perfect addition to any occasion, whether it’s a BBQ, birthday party or Friday night in with friends.

Mondelez Country Head, James Kane said it has been incredibly exciting to bring back the classics while combining them with some of today’s favourites.

“Kiwis voted with their mouths when we recently brought back Caramilk blocks which sold out in a matter of weeks, and now mini-versions of Caramilk can be found in the Cadbury Favourites - Kiwi edition!" said Kane.

"While Caramilk is a clear favourite, we’re sure Cadbury lovers will get excited about the other treats in our Kiwi Edition like Peppy Chew, Caramel Chew, Chocolate Fish and Buzz Bar which are confectionery icons.

Kiwis have argued for years over their favourite Cadbury chocolates, and we look forward to seeing people make impossible choices from the 12 favourites in every box as they share them with family and friends.”

Cadbury Favourites – Kiwi Edition is available at supermarkets and dairies across the country from today.