oob organic has the answer to providing year round delicious, organic and fuss-free mango with their latest freezer addition – frozen Organic Diced Mango. 100% certified organic and plucked from the tree where they have been left to ripen naturally, with no nasties, sprays or chemicals, and then snap frozen at the perfect freshness.

With the arrival of oob organic Organic Diced Mango, Kiwis now have access to naturally creamy, tasty mango every time.

As well as being a good source of Vitamin A and C*, mango is an incredibly versatile product. These organic mango pieces will be perfect for savoury and sweet dishes, including smoothies, desserts, ice creams, muesli toppings, salads and more.

oob organic Organic Diced Mango is a great addition to every Kiwi’s freezer as the weather warms up, and so do our cravings for summer treats.

The tropical favourite will also be a welcome addition to anyone following diets such as dairy free, raw and paleo.

“Fresh seasonal fruit isn’t always an option for New Zealand, and there are also some fruits that need tropical climates. We will continue to provide consumers with only the best certified organic fruit to be enjoyed year-round, whether that’s grown and sourced locally or globally,” said Erik Tams, Sales and Marketing Manager of oob organic.

Organic Diced Mango joins oob organic’s frozen range that includes Raspberries, Blueberries and Mixed Berries available in the freezer aisle.