For 25 years, Functional Wholefoods have been passionate about delivering healthy, organic whole foods, grown in New Zealand or sourced from indigenous growing regions. Based in Geraldine in the heart of the Southern Alps, South Island, it manufactures and produces organic, raw, nutritious, Omega 3-rich seed oils, fibres and flours. With a mission to ensure that New Zealand diets are rich in whole foods and full of nutrients that create wellness, the products are designed for all stages of life, from six months to the twilight years.

The team at Functional Wholefoods pride themselves on ensuring that they honour the seeds used. From growing and sourcing the best quality organic raw material to manufacturing on cold presses, it allows delivery of extra virgin seed oils and flours where the seed has not lost its nutritious integrity and is bottled with love.

“We are not just a Flaxseed company,” said Eve Johnson, director at Functional Wholefoods. “With our new gourmet range, we are replacing pantry staples with new healthy, organic, and nutritious alternatives that can be used every day. The range will extend to include food staples with our quality tick.”

Functional Wholefoods continues to be the number one provider of Organic Flax Seed Oil in New Zealand that never compromises on quality or taste. It is a concentrated source of Omega 3 from sustainable sources. “We hope to dominate organic healthy seed oils and fibres as staples on every shelf in every pantry. Our expansion is in range extension and we would like to sit on more supermarket shelves so consumers have choice wherever they choose to shop.”

The only challenged faced is educating consumers on dietary choices and teaching them what is healthy and what is not. “So often purchases are price driven, what you can afford, it’s a modern reality in New Zealand. However, people need to buy more nutritiously dense food that you eat less of but give you more. It’s an uphill battle at times, but we are more than up for the challenge.”