Do Pancakes Grow on Trees?

It's time to power up with the launch of Marcel's Petite Plant-Powered Pancakes.

They say that pancakes make you happy and if you are eating plant-based, well you deserve to be happy too!

The team at Marcel’s Pancakes know how to put a smile on your face and this time, they’re making sure that those who prefer a plant-based diet (or have an egg or dairy allergy!) can enjoy their light and fluffy pancake treats. So, without further ado, we are pleased to announce the launch of Marcel’s Petite Plant-Powered Pancakes – a bite-sized treat for the whole family.

With many people choosing to switch to a plant-based diet or cut back on the consumption of animal proteins, finding a recipe that could be enjoyed by everyone seemed like an obvious decision for Marcel’s Pancakes. By replacing eggs with popular plant-based baking ingredient aquafaba, Marcel’s has been able to bring its low in saturated fats Petite Plant-Powered Pancakes to the masses.

Marcel’s Pancakes has been a staple of dinner parties, summer soirees and festive gatherings for years because they are so simple and taste so good. Just put them in the fridge and when you are ready pop your favourite topping on. Why not try an avocado mousse with thinly sliced radishes, a mushroom and coconut yoghurt cream, or basil, tomato and your favourite hummus?

Marcel’s Petite Plant-Powered Pancakes will also light up the face of any little lunchbox opener and are great as an extra snack, a treat, or dressed up into pancake stacks to create the main event.

So whether you are cutting back on your consumption of products containing animal proteins, you're flexitarian or you can’t have dairy, these bite-sized treats are perfect for you!