Exciting New Caribbean Jerk Flavours

Angel Bay is bringing the Caribbean to the kitchen with its new Jamaican Jerk BBQ Brisket patty. Teaming up with celebrity chef Jax Hamilton for the launch, it's BBQ but not as consumers know it.

Jerk is still a lesser-known flavour in NZ, but Angel Bay is on a mission to bring Kiwis up to speed with this exciting new Caribbean brisket patty.

"Jerk is in your DNA," said Jax Hamilton. "When you grow in a Jamaican household you always have some in the fridge."

With all the convenience of the Angle Bay products consumers already know and love, this spicy, smokey, everyday deliciousness will quickly become a mainstay on weekly shopping lists. One dollar per pack is also donated to St. John Ambulance.

Available for a limited time only.