Customers would have noticed a few recent changes to the iconic Pams brand look but there’s plenty more to come in what amounts to a makeover of epic proportions. The 80-year-old brand, which once boasted a small collection of custard and baking powder, comprises today of more than 2,500 products in fresh, chilled, frozen and grocery. Pams is New Zealand’s largest-selling grocery brand and this year looks to grow even further with the introduction of a new premium tier – Pams Finest, and a number of other sub-brands such as Pams Superfoods, Organic, Gluten Free and Fresh.

Rod Gibson, general manager Foodstuffs Own Brands Ltd, along with a busy team of product developers and designers, has been flat out refurbishing virtually every aspect of the Pams range.

“It was time to look at every product and evaluate how it performed and whether we were still meeting the changing needs of our shoppers,” said Gibson. “It’s more than just freshening up a logo and our packaging, it was about looking for and launching new products which are more relevant in today’s market.

“Customers are searching out authenticity, quality, clarity around provenance and food which is not only better for them and their families, but affordable and tasty. So, while we are working to reformulate our existing ranges to reduce sugar and sodium content, we’re also introducing new categories for the brands.”

Pams Finest is a new premium tier of products with a refined look and contains only the best ingredients. Customers can turn the everyday into special occasions. The new products focus on emerging trends and flavours, premium items, and natural ingredients with no artificial colours or flavours. “Our advertising campaigns talk about how shoppers can make even a regular breakfast a little more special without breaking the bank. Our jams and mueslis are absolutely delicious, while even the smartest hors d’oeuvres plate will look great with our lip-smacking Cheese and Seed Straws.”

Similar to the rest of the Pams range, more than 70 percent of products are made in New Zealand. Gibson said that it’s only when the team is unable to secure sufficient quantities of an ingredient or a product simply doesn’t grow here that they will turn to offshore suppliers. It is important to Foodstuffs Own Brands and customers that the Co-op supports Kiwi manufacturers.

The reaction to the soft launch of Pams Superfoods has been very positive with the likes of Pams Dried Blueberries, LSA, Cacao Powder and Coconut Flour flying off the shelves into the baskets of discerning shoppers. “We’re delighted with the success we’ve had so far and believe this bodes well for the Pams Finest and our soon-to-come Gluten Free and Organic ranges. These developments are a response to increased consumer desire to eat healthier and try new things.”