Abel Cider is a dry, bottle fermented, boutique cider from the Nelson-Tasman region at the top of the South Island of New Zealand.

Q: What is the brand story?

A: Mark and Sophie McGill developed an interest in cider when they lived in Melbourne but they struggled to find anything on the market that they actually enjoyed drinking so they decided to start making their own. Both from winemaking backgrounds and used this experience to make a cider from fresh apples and pears that was to their tastes – dry and refreshing but also that tasted like the fruit it was made from. They experimented for seven years before releasing their first cider (the 2015 Vintage) on the market.

Q: What is the current product range and variants and what makes these products stand out in the market?

A: Only one cider. The current release is the 2016 vintage. The packaging makes it stand out in the market place and of course the taste as it is a dry cider which is a rare thing in the current market.

Q: What is innovative or unique about the product?

A: It is made once per year (like wine) from freshly harvested and hand sorted apples and pears. The McGill’s ferment the natural sugars (glucose and fructose) completely to get a dry cider and then they bottle ferment (like champagne) to create the bubbles. This produces a very fine beverage much like champagne, but instead of being from grapes it is from apples and pears.

Q: Who is the consumer and what benefit does the product bring them?

A: Anyone looking for a dry and refreshing beverage.  Sophisticated drinkers – wine drinkers, or those wanting to pair wine with food – Abel cider pairs amazingly with oysters and other fresh seafood, and pork, charcuterie, cheese etc. It’s lower in alcohol than wine, and is also gluten free.

Q: What consumer trend does the product support?

A: The increase in cider consumption across all segments over the last decade, as well as gluten free and low sugar.

For more information please contact Mark and Sophie McGill at info@abelcider.com or call +64 027 446 8671