Venerdi’s approach is based on the simple family-proven belief that by using nourishing whole foods and ingredients consumers will receive healthy and thriving outcomes. Venerdi have learnt and felt the benefits of a nutrient rich diet and are now delivering delicious, nourishing foods.

Q: What is the brand story?

A: Venerdi started back in 2002 after CEO Tim Grainger cattle farmer and grandfather discovered that his cattle were not where they should be in terms of quality and performance. After adapting the nutritional makeup of the soil where they were grazing, the cattle soon peaked. Venerdi took on this knowledge and adopted the attitude that if you nourish yourself with whole foods it will result in a healthy and successful outcome. Venerdi studies, researches and tests the world’s finest and most powerful ingredients. If they pass the test, they are used to make awesome healthy foods.

Q: What is the current product range and variants and what makes these products stand out in the market?

A: Venerdi Paleo is the most recent range, directing consumers back to whole foods, focusing on nutrient-dense ingredients. The range of Paleo bread is free from gluten, dairy, soy, preservatives and grains. There are three bread SKU’s; Super Seeded, Almond & Linseed, Banana, and Blueberry & Walnut as well as burger buns and Moroccan spiced crackers.

Q: What is innovative or unique about the product?

A: As the paleo products are grain free, we had to be very creative with what ingredients used in order to still give the products a great taste and texture. Venerdi used almond meal, coconut flour, kumara powder and pumpkin flour which, as well as providing great taste and texture, also add amazing health benefits. In the super seeded bread, all seeds are activated prior to baking which makes them more bioavailable to the human body.

Q: Who is theconsumer and what benefit does the product bring them?

A: Anyone who is health conscious and wants a great tasting gluten free bread. The Venerdi Paleo range appeals to everyone from mothers looking for healthy kids lunch box options, to busy corporates and cross fitters.

Q: What consumer trend does the product support?

A: Health and nutrition is the epicentre of everything Venerdi does. Each and every product is designed to deliver on taste, texture and most importantly; make you feel great. The paleo movement has been gaining traction and awareness with celebrities such as Pete Evans advocating a paleo lifestyle. Venerdi offers a convenient way to consume nutrient dense gluten free products that many people are changing to. 

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