When two friends, Victor Watson and Oswald Lawless, started Tasti back in the 1930s, times were tough. The delicious crystallised ginger they made was in strong demand. Other ingredients soon followed, sourced and supplied with the same care for quality.

Q: What is the brand story?

A: Since first opened its doors in the 1930’s Tasti has been single-minded about hunting down the best quality ingredients for our customers, because the best ingredients get the best results. To this day Tasti remains proudly New Zealand owned and operated and just as passionate about great ingredients, making a range of baking, seasonal, ready to eat fruits and nuts and nutritious snacks.

Q: What is the current product range and variants and what makes these products stand out in the market?

A: Smooshed Wholefood Balls are available in a 69g resalable pouch and come in the following flavours: Berry, Cashew & Cacao, Almond & Cashew, Apricot & Cacao, Peanut Butter & Caramel and Hazelnut & Cacao.

Q: What is innovative or unique about the product?

A: Smooshed Wholefood balls are an easy convenient snack that consumers can feel good about eating a handful of natural ingredients ‘smooshed’ together to make a fun healthy wholefood snack.

Q: Who is theconsumer and what benefit does the product bring them?

A: Singles and couples (25-35) and young families. The products are made with just a handful of real natural ingredients with no refined sugar, minimal processing and are bite size balls that are a convenient on-the-go snack.

Q: What consumer trend does the product support?

A: Consumers are becoming more discerning and aware of what they’re putting in their bodies.  On the other hand, with hundreds of mixed messages they are confused about what’s healthy and good for them. Wholefood or simple natural products are a great way to cut through this confusion by providing a perception of being made with ‘natural’ ingredients or derived from natural ingredients and being free from additives and artificial ingredients. They are also made from less refined ingredients and contain simple ingredients and therefore cleaner labels. The ingredients are as close to their natural form as possible. 

For more information please contact Stewart Reynolds at or call +64 09 839 1060