Being a keen baker, Karen Staples decided to make some extra cash. This seemed like the easiest way to generate income, six factories, 22 products, 30 staff and a thriving business later, pure delish is a Kiwi food success story.

Q: What is the brand story?

A: Things took a pivotal turn in 2006 when the first Farro Fresh store was about to open in Auckland. The owners were looking for a top-end cereal so they approached pure delish. And that’s when the first muesli was born, still one of their most popular products today. Over the next ten years the range went from one cereal to several, plus snack bars, cookies, slabs and festive products. They also moved with market trends like Paleo, no refined sugar and gluten free and were the first to bring a grain free style cereal to the market.

Q: What is the current product range and variants and what makes these products stand out in the market?

A: pure delish offers ten super premium breakfast cereals, four bites/biscuits, four snack bars and four slabs. pure delish created the super-premium breakfast category and have spent years educating the consumer around the ‘value’ of their products. Consumers today are savvy around what foods they choose and are increasingly choosing quality products that have provenance, are ethical and offer them something different.

Q: What is innovative or unique about the products?

A: pure delish products are made completely by hand from only the best quality ingredients. Raspberry & Maple Nut Nograin-ola  cereal is currently the number 1 selling ‘muesli’ in New Zealand by dollar value. The product range is diverse and innovative. At pure delish they start from scratch when developing a new recipe as this means no two products are the same.

Q: Who is your consumer and what benefit does the product bring them?

A: Our consumers care deeply about the foods they eat, they read food ingredient and nutritional labels closely and most live an active, health-focused lifestyle. They have a good level of disposable income and only want to purchase from companies that align with their beliefs. At pure delish the customer base has grown as more and more people from lower socio-economic groups become educated around what they eat. They are often willing to forgo a dinner out or daily coffee in order to purchase better quality products for them and their families.

Q: What consumer trend does the product support?

A: New trends in consumer behaviour and why they buy is constantly changing, especially in the health and well-being sector. It is important to know what is ‘on trend’ and how long it may last. Tomorrow will be something else, so as a business it is so important to be able to adapt quickly. 

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