Snack time is looming - left brain says salty, right brain says sweet. Consumers can indulge both of their snacking personalities and quash the cravings quandary with new Fibre One Salted Caramel Squares!

Sweet, savoury and seriously yummy, new Fibre One Salted Caramel Squares are soft-baked, caramel flavoured bites packed with a salty zing. A tasty snack - you’ll fall in love with the golden caramel salty goodness of your new favourite indulgence.

New Fibre One Salted Caramel Squares are the ultimate tasty snack that allows you to satisfy your caramel cravings without the guilt. With just 90 calories per square, the soft-baked squares are also a good source of fibre (5g per square) and lower in fat. And the best bit? There’s no compromise on taste.