By popular demand, Whittaker's has launched its first ever Easter product, Whittaker's Chocolate Kiwi, coming in two different flavours: 5 Roll Refined Creamy Milk and 50% Dark Chocolate. According to the company's brand manager, Jasmine Currie, the product's design and manufacture have been ten years in the making. Since this is Whittaker's first year of producing the Kiwi, the company is 'testing the waters' with a limited number release.

"It is our first hollow product, carefully moulded into the shape of a kiwi, and is also our first product to be wrapped in printed gold foil packaging," she said. "Like all of our product, the Kiwi is locally produced in our Wellington factory, so we can ensure quality through our signature bean to bar process."

Twenty cents from every Chocolate Kiwi sold will be donated to 'Kiwis for kiwi', the national charity aiming to reverse the decline of kiwi birds and raise funds to community-led kiwi conservation projects.
"As a proud New Zealand company, working with 'Kiwis for kiwi' felt like a natural fit for Whittaker's. We are pleased to support a charity working to conserve and protect our national icon," she said.

Currently on its way to stores nationwide, Whittaker's Kiwi is available in two formats, 75 grams and 150 grams, with the flavours being distinguished by packaging colour; red for Dark Chocolate and blue for Creamy Milk.

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