Sequa Relax is the first functional drink targeted at relaxation and wellbeing to be launched by in New Zealand, following two years of research and development. The drink combines over 20 natural ingredients selected for their relaxation properties, including green tea, magnesium citrate, maca root, lemon balm, panax ginseng, potassium citrate, bacopa, calcium citrate, black pepper and licorice root.
“The New Zealand beverage market is known for being ahead of the game and we are so excited to launch Sequa Relax as the first of a range of products focused on wellness and health,” said Aidan Lett, CEO, The Great Beverage Co.
Appealing to active and busy Kiwis, Sequa Relax is designed to help consumers unwind by promoting restorative mind and body relaxation. Available in 250ml cans, it improves immunity, digestion and heart health.