Nu-Smoothie-TPA-33cl KPA
A premium product for consumer convenience, NU Smoothie is a non-dairy, high fibre smoothie that is the first shelf stable smoothie available in New Zealand supermarkets and in the route trade.

Manufactured in France using the latest Tetra Pak and HTST pasteurization technology, NU Smoothie has a shelf life of approximately 12 months at an ambient temperature.

The product offers busy consumers an easy way of getting essential nutrients and vitamins. One 330ml serving is the equivalent of two out of the five recommended fruit and vegetables intake as per the ‘5 plus a day’ guideline.

“Nu Smoothies is our answer to the growing consumer demand for premium functional ‘better for you’ products that contain a lower amount of sugar and healthier macro nutrient compositions,” said brand manager Nick Andrews.

“We have observed a greater willingness by consumers to pay a slight premium for convenience in a number of categories.”

This has also been seen as manufacturers have been converting consumers into higher value packaging formats like PET into Tetra Pak and glass to pouch in many ambient and chilled categories.

“The beverage sector will see growth through innovative products with improved nutritional proposition over current substitutes as consumers become more sophisticated.”

NU Smoothie is available in 1l Tetra Pak for take home consumers and a convenient 330ml pack. For more information call Nick Andrews 09 360 6160.