For its Tamarillo Relish 330 g, NZ Tamarillo Cooperative Ltd has developed a technique specifically designed to extract only the sweetest pulp from the tamarillo fruit, to leave the bitter pith with the skin. An ideal blend of tamarillo, vinegar and spices, this relish can be enjoyed with cheese, meats or salads, or even spread on a pizza base as a sauce.

As this wasn't available in New Zealand, the company also had to design a unique infusion method and construct the necessary equipment to produce its Tamarillo Vinegar Dressing 250 ml, an Italian red wine vinegar infused with tamarillo and slightly sweetened.

“To secure a constant supply of tamarillos we formed the NZ Tamarillo Cooperative, which now handles over 350 tonnes per year, approximately 90 percent of the national crop,” said chairman/manager Robin Nitschke. “In this way, we can control the commercialised added value product at both ends of the supply chain.”