Clearwater Farm has been producing top quality pot-set organic yoghurts for over 16 years. To keep ahead of consumer demand this year the brand introduced a range of lactose-free yoghurts. The product is made by adding the enzyme lactase which allows customers with a lactose tolerance to enjoy the yoghurt too. The new range includes a Mixed Berry flavour as well as a Citrus yoghurt. In addition to the new range, Clearwater Farm has also updated its packaging to showcase a distinctive gold lid and recycling abilities.

“Just like every business we need to evolve to stay fresh and after more than ten years perfecting our recipes making premium pot-set yoghurts which consumers love, the time was right to review our packaging. Recyclable packaging is constantly improving, and we wanted to ensure we were leading the pack with our yoghurt pots as we aim to run a business which is great for the plant as well as the health of consumers," said owner Jackie Clearwater.