Go Somewhere PheNOMenal

Your one way ticket to dreamy, nutty, chocolatey heaven has arrived. Once you experience the magic of NOM Double Dipped Almond's it's goodbye boring, hello NOM!

What makes NOM Double Dipped Almonds extra special is the perfect collision of taste and texture coupled with a unique combination of flavours that are both familiar and unexpected. Every almond is batch-roasted to nutty perfection right here in New Zealand before being lovingly double dipped in the finest quality chocolate.

There are three irresistible flavours to choose from including; Caramel Love which is, as the name suggests, lovingly double dipped in silky smooth caramel chocolate. Raspberry Tang is smothered in layers of milk chocolate then dusted with tangy tastebud-zinging raspberry, while Creamy Mocha is double dipped in smooth white and creamy milk chocolate then topped off with a light dusting of espresso coffee. With such pheNOMenal layers of deliciousness it’s no surprise that NOM Double Dipped Almonds are fast becoming a new Kiwi favourite.

Now you’ve been formally introduced to your new favourite sweet treat it’s time to let NOM take you on an adventure like no other. Light your bespoke chocolate, caramel scented candle, grab a NOM Double Dipped Almond, pop it in your mouth, say NOM and be transported to your new happy place!

There’s no coming back – we promise!