Cadbury has brought back a Kiwi treasure - Caramilk – a golden, creamy blend of caramelised white chocolate.

Back by popular demand, Cadbury Caramilk hasn’t been on shelves in over a decade, but loyal customers have been crying out for the golden chocolate sensation ever since.
Originally created in 1994, the smooth, creamy texture and golden caramel colour of Caramilk quickly became a Kiwi flavour institution.

James Kane from Cadbury said consumers have been calling for the return of Caramilk, so they’ve worked hard to bring back the unique Caramilk flavour Kiwis know and love.

“People who remember Caramilk will know it tastes like nothing else on the market today and will take them back to the 1990s, sparking fond memories of sharing Caramilk with family and friends. Those that have never tried Caramilk before are in for a real treat,” said Kane.

“We know Caramilk has a flavour all its own, and we’re confident it lives up to the promise of the original that Kiwis loved all those years ago. The Caramilk chocolate crumb is made by cooking milk and sugar together and those rich caramel notes are developed during the cooking process and then blended with cocoa butter. The crumb is then refined and carefully churned to deliver a smooth creamy chocolate, which is then moulded into the golden blocks for which Caramilk is famous.”

The decadent white chocolate has a strong caramel taste that is just the right amount of sweet and slightly salty.