Good Clean Fun with Good Clean Energy

Joos Energy is excited to be launching into New Zealand with a range of caffeine tabs that help you get through your to do list.

Joos Energy caffeine effervescents come in two delicious flavours that are perfect for slipping under your tongue: Tropical and Lemon Lime.

While each pack of four provides 8+ hours of energy, each tab delivers two hours of energy in the palm of your hand, making Joos a great alternative to reaching for energy drinks filled with sugar and/or other additives. Don’t be fooled by the size of Joos Energy tabs. The proprietary caffeine blends give you all of the upside of caffeine with none of the down!

With increased energy, focus and alertness, Joos is also free from a lot of the nasty chemicals and ingredients you’ll find in energy drinks. While normal caffeine products have to go through your stomach, Joos Energy is absorbed under the tongue and directly into your bloodstream 5x faster than energy drinks or coffee!

Dr Adam Fletcher, one of the business founders, has a professional interest that focuses on human sleep, occupational alertness, workplace fatigue management and productivity comments, “Caffeine is the most widely used stimulant in the world and while we may associate it with ‘waking up’ it can also enhance performance in sport, work and study especially when delivered in an efficient method.  We are excited about the cross-purpose use of this product – from those needing extra focus on long drives, to nurses working the night shift, this product has benefits to many.”