First Light Foods is a small NZ grass-fed Wagyu and Venison business, based in Hawke’s Bay. All of their animals are 100 percent grass-fed on free-range pastures, as nature intended, so the only ingredients in their meat are fresh water, clean air and sunshine.

First Light’s is also the only Wagyu available for retail in New Zealand, guaranteed to be 4-5 grade and with marbling clearly visible to the consumer. These 170g ribeye steaks fall into the premium category, and the company is expanding its portfolio to meet demand.

Co-owners Jason Ross, Gerard Hickey and Greg Evans started First Light in 2003, with a clear purpose that still stands today; connecting farmers to the end consumers, transparently and directly. By checking out their website, at, shoppers can learn more about the farmers’ stories, how the animals are raised, and how to get the most out of each cut.

“Everything we do is focused around producing meat that is tasty, tender and juicy every time,” said Ryan Bell, sales & marketing manager, First Light Foods Ltd. “We cannot give you the formula, suffice to say it includes special genetics, New Zealand’s best farmers, stress-free animals, and a supply chain managed by people who understand and value the perfect steak.”