Cec’s muesli started from humble family beginnings with authentic ingredients and has grown to have a loyal group of customers. When the Hawke’s Bay company recently looked for a packaging refresh, they turned to Auckland’s Brother Design. Brother Design quickly spotted a series of opportunities for the brand, including using Cec’s full name: Cecile. Cecile’s son, Alister Buchanan, said the eye catching new design was inspired by Cecile’s love of art, with the varying layers of colour helping differentiate the variants and their ingredients. Some things, however, definitely did not change.
“It’s still very much the same high-quality, wholefood product Cecile created, but the rebranding allowed us to re-examine our strategy and make some bold and exciting changes,” said Buchanan.

During the refresh, Cecile’s added a sixth variant: Strawberries & Cashews with Seeds & Fine Oats.
“It’s a Bircher muesli, and it can also be heated to make a winter-warming porridge.”
Using the longer form name, Cecile’s, has made it easier to know how to pronounce the name. And, as Alister pointed out, it’s a better fit to our customers.
“The product quality was always super-premium. Now the packaging design, name and presentation also fit the market.”
The variant names have also been made simple and clear, with Cecile’s authentic story a strong feature on the new packs.
“The rebrand and repositioning has been an exciting process,” said Buchanan. “We now have a super-premium product that looks the part and will help us drive solid growth.”