A healthier, organic version of an old classic, Soda Press Co's new organic Blonde Cola syrup has been launched. An all-natural, certified organic, low sugar alternative to mainstream brands, this award-winning cola packs flavour with an exotic blend of cola nuts, ginger, lemon, cinnamon, rosemary, lavender and a subtle velvety texture. And in a world first, this bombshell of a cola is a lovely golden colour.

Soda Press Co. is an inspiring and well awarded 100% NZ owned and operated with production in Christchurch and is now expanding overseas. As a brand-owner operator, Cameron Romeril seeks to disrupt the cordial/syrup/soda market, moving it out of the dark ages into a multi-purpose and fun enabler that appeals to a wide consumer base.

Soda Press products are a premium, authentically made, organic syrup that are healthier than traditional sodas and cordials.

“Most of our customers are not current cordial or soda drinkers," said Romeril. "They’re nutritionally more aware consumers that left that category a long time ago for obvious reasons” After intense trials Soda Press Co mastered a bespoke steeping process that also applied healthier, innovative, and the most premium ingredients to elevate flavour and combat sugar levels without using the likes of stevia and nasty sugar substitutes allowing an average of 50% less sugar than the leading syrup and soda brands.

Soda Press is ideal for making SodaStream sodas, mixers, cocktails, mocktails, slushies, popsicles and more. 

The new impactful Soda Stands will be an alluring consumer magnet in what is expected to be a long and hot summer.

Sweetened with just a touch of organic brown rice malt syrup, organic cane sugar and monkfruit, it features only half the sugar of big cola brands and sits within internationally recognised safe sugar level guidelines of under five grams per 100mls, and is also very low in caffeine.

Proof that being good doesn't mean compromising on taste, this unique cola syrup has already picked up a gold medal and the champion beverage award at the recent and prestigious 2017 Royal Hobart Fine Food Awards.