Soda Press Co has launched the world’s first blonde, organic, low sugar cola syrup. A healthier, organic version of an old classic, Soda Press Co’s new syrup is an all-natural, certified organic, low sugar alternative to mainstream brands. This award-winning cola packs flavour with an exotic blend of cola nuts, ginger, lemon, cinnamon, rosemary, lavender and a subtle velvety texture.

Sweetened with just a touch of organic brown rice malt syrup, organic cane sugar, and monkfruit, it features only half the sugar of big cola brands and sits within internationally recognised safe sugar level guidelines of under-five grams per 100mls, and is also very low in caffeine. Just add to carbonated water or use with a SodaStream for a guilt-free refreshing cola. For more information contact Cameron Romeril on or (03) 265 3444