Garnier has introduced Hydra Bomb Tissue Masks, a cosmetics trend inspired by Asian beauty routines that have taken the international beauty world by storm. The range of face masks are made with 100 percent natural cellulose fibre tissue infused with hydrating ingredients to improve the quality of skin. From balancing masks that lift oil and impurities, soothing masks that nourish and heal skin and super-hydrating masks, each treatment reveals a glowing complexion.

Garnier Hydra Bomb Rejuvenating Tissue Mask is formulated with pomegranate extract to hydrate normal to dehydrated skin, Garnier Hydra Rebalancing Tissue Mask is formulated with green tea extract to purify and balance normal to combination skin and Garnier Hydra Bomb Soothing Tissue Mask is formulated with chamomile extract to soothe dry or sensitive skin.