New Zealand owned brand, Mr and Mrs Martinez, Antipodean Fine Foods, is launching a Kumara Paste into the deli sector of the supermarkets. Packed in 130g tubs, Kumara Paste offers a paste the way it should be with just ingredients. It is cooked using the same methods that Grandma used to cook fruit pastes, only they use Kumara instead of fruit. The end result is a silky-smooth Kumara paste that melts in the mouth.

Owner of the company, Olga Martinez, created the kumara paste as she wanted a real paste to honour and bring out the glory of exquisite NZ cheeses. The fruit paste also known as fruit cheese is a preserve that has a high fruit content – higher than any other fruit preserve. They are made, similar to jam but cooked over a long period at a lower temperature that results in a lower yield of the preserve, but a delicious concentrated fruit flavour. Instead of fruit, they have used the Beauregard Kumara, and the results are incredible. The range includes Original Vanilla, Clover Honey, and Dark Chocolate.