As a kiwifruit grower, Sandy Mecredy saw tonnes of perfectly edible kiwifruit rejected from local packhouses. Drying fruit was the solution and Kiwi Bites was born. Kiwifruit is a ‘wonderfruit’ with many nutritional benefits, so why not very gently dry it at low temperatures to capture all the goodies including enzymes, vitamins and minerals?

Kiwi Bites retain the skin, which is an excellent source of dietary fibre. A recent study shows that eating the skin triples the fibre intake compared to merely eating the flesh, and by not peeling the skin, much of the vitamin C content is also preserved.

Other kiwifruit snacks had added sugar, added colour preservatives and were often very chewy which can lead to tooth decay. Kiwi Bites are 100 percent pure, and as thin as possible to aid chewing to prevent them sticking to the teeth. There are five average sized kiwifruit in each 50g pack of Kiwi Bites, and they are a very convenient, ready-to-eat snack which can be taken anywhere at any time.