Kiwigarden all-natural snacks are the answer to an increasing demand for healthier lunchbox options. This Hawke’s Bay family-business produces a range of 100% natural, NO nasties snacks, using the best produce like fruit, vegetable and NZ yoghurt. Using an innovative technique called freeze-drying, they gently remove the moisture, while locking in virtually all the goodness found in the original ingredient. Their Crunchy Apple Slices is a favourite. One sachet is made up of one ingredient – a whole NZ apple (skin on). Their Sweet Corn Kernels contains 100% NZ corn, equivalent to a whole cob of corn.

Their yoghurt drops – available in flavours like Banana & Honey, Strawberry and Gold Kiwi – are often compared to a healthy smoothie with some serious crunch! Not only are these morsels delicious, they also contain probiotics, which help promote a good digestive system. Kiwigarden won the novel ingredient category at the 2016 NZ Food Awards with their Coconut Raspberry Yoghurt drops, and seven products were also award finalists. For more information, contact your Alliance Marketing Representative or email