Love Milk, But Your Gut Doesn’t?

Lewis Road Creamery has listened and come out with our most gut friendly and comforting milk ever! No surprises here, it’s called “Comfort Milk”.

Lewis Road Creamery know dairy lovers still love the great taste of milk, the natural properties it has, like calcium, vitamins, amino acids, the function of making the morning coffee so delicious, and the simple pleasures it creates in the kitchen.

As bodies develop and age, they can take on a life of their own. Intolerances to foods might start at birth or develop as time passes and digestive comfort can be impacted. In the case of dairy, reduction in the natural production of the enzyme lactase in your gut could impact the digestion of milk

Lewis Road Creamery Comfort Milk is sourced from single farm, A2 Protein only cows (touted to be proteins that are easier to digest), unlike the majority of NZ milks. At the bottling plant the lactose sugars are naturally broken down by an enzyme, performing the function that your body would typically do to disperse the lactose into glucose and galactose to become lactose free.

Like the brand's other white milks, it’s also Non GMO Project Verified, and unlike most other New Zealand milk it’s Orangutan Friendly. (No PKE - palm product feed), helping to preserve biodiverse tropical rain forests. Still permeate free, and in 100% recycled plastic bottles, that are also 100% recyclable, lid too.

Dairy that’s better for the planet and good for you. It could just be the answer for your digestive comfort.