A healthy, sophisticated alternative to classic snacks is about to hit the market with the release of Kumara Fusion, a smooth, low-fat kumara blend, packed in 130g tubs. The product, available in supermarkets from March at a recommended retail price of $7.99, is free of dairy, gluten and nuts, and does not contain any added preservatives or colours.
Created by blending Beauregard kumara with just a few natural ingredients, Kumara Fusion met with great success when it was first offered in a local farmers’ markets.
“It became clear that the product had potential. The sweet, silky texture appealed to a wide range of people, even those that didn’t normally like kumara. That’s when we knew we had to launch Kumara Fusion on a larger scale,” said Olga Martinez, founder of Kumara Fusion.
A versatile product, it can be enjoyed as a dip, a spread or even on its own, while also pairing well with fruit, nuts and cheese. The line comes in three variants; Kumara Fusion Original, Kumara Fusion Honey and Kumara Fusion Chocolate, boasting a decadent layer of dark Whittaker’s chocolate.