Made with Nothing Noughty

3 packs of flavoured soda

Meet Noughty - the new all-natural soda to give children all the fun and flavour of fizzy drinks, without any of the naughtiness..

Made in Auckland and sweetened only with New Zealand apples, Noughty is low in natural sugars (6.1g per can), flavoured with natural extracts and contains no artificial sweeteners, colours or preservatives. Containing 45 calories or less, each 250ml can is a responsible serving size, and a healthier option when included as part of a child’s balanced diet. 

Packed with vitamins and minerals, each can of Noughty contains calcium and 100% of the RDI of Iodine, Vitamins D, C and B6 for kids aged 4-8 years old.

Noughty’s new range of natural fizzy gives a delicious and nutritious alternative to current market offerings with its fortification of nutrients, whilst keeping the excitement and enjoyment factor high. Being primarily soda water, subtly sweetened with a natural apple juice, this is about as simple and natural as it gets. 

Playful packaging in bold colours designed by acclaimed design agency Marx, the new range launches with Cola, Appleberry and Lemonade. There’s a delicious flavour to appeal to everyone. 

Available now.