Wave farewell to mental fogginess and bid adieu to butterflies with Ārepa, the all-natural, revolutionary new smart drink that combines neuroscience, nature and technology to support mental clarity.

Founder Angus Brown, in partnership with world-renowned neuroscientist Professor. Andrew Scholey has spent over four years developing Ārepa and clinically testing the formula with some of New Zealand's top universities. Ārepa, which means Alpha in Māori, is made with a unique formula of New Zealand plant extracts such as pine bark extract Enzogenol and blackcurrant extract combined with Japanese green tea compounds. Ārepa is 100 percent natural, caffeine-free, and contains over two grams of polyphenols. Oh, and with a base of organic juice from Hawke’s Bay apples and Canterbury blackcurrants, it tastes as good as it’ll make you feel. Visit for more information.