Easi Recycling NZ has introduced a new way to bag waste ‘Longopac’ this innovative system enables smarter waste handling and creates a more efficient and economical working environment. Longopac gives many advantages over a traditional, including:

Efficiency – Stands are loaded with a bag cassette up to 110 m in length, the new bag is always in place and securely sealed. Bags are emptied to suit the user and are always 100% full.

Hygienic - Bags are replaced and sealed from the outside – no contact with the waste and no smell. Spillages around the opening are collected by the next bag, minimising cleaning and spillage.

Strong- Longopac bags are manufactured from three-ply polyethylene- low material consumption and are twice as strong as a standard bag of the same thickness.//

Easi NZ is currently offering new customers up to 6 Mini or Maxi stands at 50% discount.

Contact us today on – 0800 342 3177