Good Boost Co is set to launch New Zealand’s first almond greek style yoghurt – a dairy-free plant-based alternative to regular yoghurt.

The thick, creamy Greek-style yoghurt is made by creating almond milk out lots of real almonds and then applying traditional yoghurt making methods. “We are passionate about making natural, plant-based foods that are wholesome, nutritious, and kinder to the environment than traditional animal-based products,” said Julia Blackford, food scientist, chef and Good Boost co-director.

“Almonds are high in fibre, protein, vitamin E and manganese.  They are also full of ‘good fats’ and low in saturated fat (‘bad fat’), making them an ideal base for a plant-based yoghurt. Our yoghurts are batch made and slow fermented with our specially sourced, vegan probiotic yoghurt cultures, which means they’re also great for gut health.

“But importantly, they’re also incredibly tasty, meaning you don’t need to be vegan, reducetarian or dairy intolerant to enjoy them. You just need a bowl of muesli to pour it on, a smoothie to dollop it in, or simply a spoon to eat it straight from the tub.”

Good Boost Co Almond Yoghurt has:

-       Less saturated fat than the average dairy based gourmet yoghurt[1]

-       40% less fat than the average coconut yoghurt[2]

-       Less than one-quarter of the saturated fat of the average coconut yoghurt[3].

It is vegan-friendly, probiotic, and contains no dairy, gluten, artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

Range includes:

-          Good Boost Co. Greek Style Almond Yoghurt Original (no fruit)

-          Good Boost Co. Greek Style Almond Yoghurt with a layer of Mango & Passionfruit

-          Good Boost Co. Greek Style Almond Yoghurt with a layer of Raspberry & Boysenberry

Good Boost Co. Greek Style Almond Yoghurt launches into supermarket fridges on 23rd April 2018. RRP $7.49.