Existing Blue Coconut oil users will love the convenience of these handy, portable coconut oil sachets for enjoying on-the-go. Sachets are ideal for recreational activities like cycling, mountain biking and gym-goers for the sports bag. They contain the perfect amount and are light to carry for walkers, trampers, backpackers and an easy energy boost for endurance athletes.

10 x 20gm Sachets are available at a RRP of $8.99 per pack. Suitable whilst away from home, making it easy to store in small places like boat, bach, caravan and camping.
Choose sachets for:
- Health and beauty
- First aid kit in home, office or car
- Lunchbox – ideal snack size, as a spread on crackers or bread
- Office draw – to pop in coffee or tea at break times for instant energy boost, helps curb sugar cravings
- Handbag – keep it near for lip balm, moisturiser, weight management
- Nappy bag for healing nappy rash and cradle cap
- Dental health – small size means fits well in bathroom cupboard for oral oil pulling
- Bedside table within reach for dry skin, stress release massage
- Small enough to fit in your pocket, office draw, glove box, gym bag.