Pacific Harvest Expands Into Snack Aisle

Making waves in the snack aisle, Pacific Harvest is giving consumers an exciting, new and innovative way to enjoy their daily dose of seaweed.

Expanding outside the traditional seasonings category, Pacific Harvest is crossing over into the large and fast-growing snack aisle with the launch of a new and irresistible Nori Snack Pack.

“The snack market is full of highly processed, fatty seaweed snacks.  Seaweed should be a healthier-for-you option, but the current offerings are highly processed, with some containing up to 50% fat!  We knew we could do better, and are excited to bring this new product to market – with a 5-star health rating and only 4.5% fat, which is naturally occurring," said Hayley Fraser-Mackenzie, Managing Director of Pacific Harvest.

 The seaweed in Pacific Harvest’s new on-the-go sachets is organically farmed, packed with nutrients and is both GM and gluten-free.

Each sachet contains 2g of delicious raw dry Nori seaweed which offers 62% of Vitamin B12 recommended dietary intake (RDI), 109% of Iodine RDI and contains 35% protein (compared to around 25% protein from current seaweed snacks on the market).

“As more people turn to plant-based nutrition and seek foods that provide added nutrients, as well as new flavours and textures, we are seeing a growing interest in seaweed and all it offers,” said Fraser-Mackenzie.

Seaweeds are known to be carbon negative and have been hailed by many as the food of the future for the sustainability factor.

“The nutrient density in this raw snack is a game-changer for the category. Our packaging is also fully recyclable - making it a delicious and totally guilt-free snack!,” added Fraser-Mackenzie.

Available in two formats (8 pack box of 2g sachets RRP $8.95 or 14 pack shelf-ready tray of 2g sachets RRP $1.49 each) Pacific Harvest’s Raw Nori Seaweed Snack Packs can be found in all leading health food stores and online at from 1st December 2021.