I Love Pies has launched new sausage rolls in time for the party season. Adding not just a chorizo variety but also a re-sealable bag of pre-cut snack size sausage rolls to its existing range. The two new varieties answer consumer demand for convenience grows.

"We went on to launch a Spinach and Feta veggie roll, and a Lamb and Rosemary sausage roll in 2016, after launching the first award-winning original Free Range Pork sausage rolls back in 2015," said Maree Glading, co-founder.

"We think that the time is right to introduce a spicier variety along with a convenient pre-cut version of the very popular original sausage rolls. The chorizo sausage roll was perfected with a fair bit of taste-testing at the I Love Pies HQ - hardly a chore - but we wanted to get the spice level just right, along with the very distinct chorizo flavour."

The chorizo morsels are perfect for lunch or as a canapé. They include tasty beef, smoked paprika and sweet red pepper.

"We also wanted to offer consumers the option of pre-cut snack size sausage rolls in our original flavour, so they can just take out what they need from the freezer when they need it."

They have free range beef and pork, a blend of chopped herbs and there's even a sneaky bit of fresh carrot.

Both varieties are made with the I Love Pies delicious sour cream pastry. No I Love Pies products contain any MSG, palm oil, preservatives or artificial flavours or colours.

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