Rebel Bakehouse Bagels Pack More into The Bread Aisle

Rebel Bakehouse’s master bakers have again shaken up the bread aisle, creating the lowest-carb, lowest-calorie offering on supermarket shelves.

Rebel’s brand new Low Carb Max Bagel is 20 percent lower in carbs (per 100g) than any other bagel on the market. It’s also lower in calories, full of fibre and protein, and it packs a real nutritional punch.

Rebellious baking for better living, the brand-new bagel range includes Three Cheese, Original and Sesame Seed and the only Sourdough bagel in the market. Destined to take people on an innovative taste adventure, Rebel’s bagels are also pre-sliced for life-on the-go – great for brekkie, lunch or dinner.

The entire range carries a minimum 4-Star Health Rating, too, thanks to Rebel’s expert bakers, who refuse to compromise on taste, convenience or nutrition and are constantly searching for new and exciting ways to help New Zealand families eat and live well.