Refine Snack Time the Proper Way

Proper is all about being together this summer. It's what we've missed. As simple as matching our new crisp perfectly with a stunning Garage Project IPA; picking up a bag for outdoor entertaining or creating platter goals with the new crackerbreads. It's not hard to do summer entertaining properly with Proper.

The perfect crisps for the perfect IPA, two new creations to redefine snack time!

Proper's Big Cut are unpeeled, thickly sliced golden potatoes dusted in finely ground sea salt, and hand cooked to extremely crispy glowing perfection. For the ultimate flavour experience eat with Garage Project's Proper Crisp IPA.

Joining the core range is the new Barbeque Rub, crafting a spicy, smoky rub that pairs perfectly with our spuds, the only side you'll need. Designed by renowned cartoonist Trace Hodgson, the much loved BIG bag of perfectly hand cooked Marlborough sea salt crisps is BACK, just in time for for summer.