Homegrown believe in striving to produce the best tasting and healthiest juices and smoothies in the world for New Zealanders. Water+ RAW Lemon is the newest addition to its range. Pure artesian water from deep beneath the Hawkes Bay is combined with a dash of lemon juice and a slice to provide a refreshingly healthy thirst quencher.

As with all products in the Homegrown range, Water+RAW lemon is never heated and has no additives or preservatives other than water and lemon. Instead, use pressure to provide a shelf life allowing us to distribute throughout the whole of New Zealand via its franchised network of chilled distributors.

The technology is relatively new to New Zealand and Homegrown are the only company using it on such a large scale. Using pressure instead of heat or preservatives allows the vitamins and nutrients to essentially stay intact providing a healthier, fresher tasting product.