Global logistics solutions company CHEP aims to start a revolution in New Zealand with its new sustainable and fully recyclable food grade plastic pallet. Following an intensive trial with manufacturers from Germany, Belgium, Spain, China and Australia, the company has developed a next-generation closed-top plastic pallet that meets all customer requirements, especially those operating to strict food hygiene standards. The innovative solution features an enhanced all-plastic design, which is a first for food grade plastic pallets in NZ. Among the benefits involved are the flexibility of use, anti-slip properties and load stability, thanks to an increased base surface design.
CHEP’s innovation is ideal for end-to-end use within food manufacturing and processing environments, with strong performance across a range of challenging scenarios. Importantly, it is suitable for use with proteins and perishable products.
Manufactured in Belgium to standard NZ pallet dimensions of 1200x1000 mm, each pallet can carry a load of up to 1250 kg racked when used within specifications.