KitKat is bringing New Zealander’s the world's only new chocolate variety to be discovered in 80 years. Ruby chocolate will finally be available to chocolate lovers across New Zealand with the launch of the limited-edition KitKat Ruby.

The all new KitKat Ruby features a distinctive, all-natural pink hue, intense berry flavour and smooth texture combined with the iconic crisp KitKat wafer fingers. The unique pink colour comes from an innovative production process, which unlocks the distinctive flavour and colour tone which is naturally present in the Ruby cocoa bean.

Anna Stewart, Nestlé's head of marketing, confectionery said: “Ruby has been the biggest news in chocolate innovation in the last 80 years. It’s a privilege to be able to deliver this unexpected break to all KitKat lovers following the amazing stir Ruby has caused around the world over the last year. We’re looking forward to seeing the reactions from our fans as they get a taste of this unique gem.”