Macy and Tailor's product is a shelf stand out in the category that consumers associate with premium quality and a delicious product. This is reflected in the clean, well-designed packaging, and the communications that engage consumers with the brand.

Family owned and operated, Macy & Tailor products are free of preservatives and are non-GMO.

Macy and Tailor is cute, quirky and humourous but takes quality seriously. The brand name is emotive, catering to a niche market of people who enjoy purchasing products that are tailored to their everyday needs and those who want healthy natural products. The Macy & Tailor customer base is made up of people who want the benefits of something natural and enjoy that the brand doesn’t take itself too seriously, it is approachable fun and friendly.

With wildly delicious variants like Pressed Pretzels in Salt and Pizza flavours and Vege Crisps in Beetroot, Carrot & Parsnip, and Carrot Beetroot & Parsnip consumers will relish the taste of real, honest snacks.

Products are available in 12 packets per carton. For more information contact, or AFM Group on 0800 100 307.

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