Green & Black’s new Smooth range has finally landed in New Zealand. The range is made using ethically sourced cocoa that doesn’t compromise on taste or quality and is available in four delicious flavours – 70 percent Cocoa, Mint, Orange & Almond and Salted Caramel. The chocolate is also packaged in 90-gram blocks and is encased in premium, colourful packaging representing one of four flavours.

The cocoa in the Smooth range is sourced through an independently verified programme, Cocoa Life that supports sustainable farming. Green & Black’s work directly with cocoa farmers across the globe, empowering them to address challenges faced by the cocoa farming industry and to inspire future generations of cocoa farmers.

Green & Black’s was founded in the UK almost 30 years ago by organic and sustainability pioneers Craig Sams and Jo Fairley. “The moment I tasted that chocolate, I knew we were onto something special,” said co-founder, Jo Fairley. “Nearly thirty years on and our founding principles continue: Green symbolises a commitment to sourcing ethical cocoa and the finest ingredients, and Black stands for the passionately crafted, high quality and delicious tasting chocolate.”

“Since 1991, our ambition has been to bring together the principles of ethics and indulgence to create chocolate like no other. This started with an organic line and now includes the new Smooth range. Maintaining the absolute highest standards for what goes into the chocolate is a tradition which Green & Black’s continues to this day,” added Craig Sams, original co-founder of Green & Black’s.