From bananas to Switchels. All Good Organics, the team behind New Zealand’s loved Fairtrade banana brand, All Good Bananas has entered the functional beverage market with the introduction of its new All Good Switchel; a refreshing mix of sparkling water, apple cider vinegar and natural flavours. The Switchels have 500,000,000 probiotic CFUs (colony forming units), are organic, sugar-free and made from raw apple cider vinegar made using apples grown in New Zealand. Available in three delicious flavours—Lemon and Ginger, Apple and Blackcurrant and Peach and Passionfruit. "We’re excited for Kiwis to taste our new All Good Switchel. We understand the importance consumers are putting on gut health and overall wellness. We believe you can have a really delicious drink that’s also good for you’ said Faye MacGregor, GM Marketing All Good Organics.